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Friday, October 26, 2012

Settled in!

Well, we have survived the move and I think we are settled. I am nestled into the old Benson, LA train station. It's everything I've ever wanted; wide planked floors, 20 foot ceilings, one room, dark wood, 2 huge barn/platform doors, built in shelves, and a huge deck. It's so primtastic! We have been open for a few weeks but, we will be having our grand opening on Saturday November 3rd. We have so many consigners, well over 20 and we will have outside vendors as well. I have been making Christmas trees and garland and decorating for the holidays, it's so strange since the weather has been so warm (80+) but, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well, I hope you all have a blessed weekend! Primitive blessings~ Tandra

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Waiting to exhale!

I have literally been MIA, we are in the process of moving to a bigger building, and to say we have been busy is an understatement! We have been painting, cleaning, remodeling, and so much stuff! Well needless to say we are ready to move in but, we are going to take a well needed break and us girls are heading to Canton, TX. If you have never been, it's the nations largest flea market. We are heading out tomorrow and staying until Sunday and rain or shine we will have a blast! I am going not needing or looking for anything so everything I find will be a treasure. I haven't been for about 20 years and I am so thrilled to go and to go with a group of friends I adore, I just can't wait! Starting next week we will start packing up the shop and moving over to the new place and are wanting to be set up the following Monday, October 8th. I am so excited, the new place is three building in one. One end is a log cabin, the middle looks like an old mercantile, and the third (my part) is an old train depot. They moved it from Benson, LA. It's such a great location and I have been so busy I haven't really taken any pictures but, it has two huge sliding barn doors that open onto the platform/deck. The back barn door was converted into a huge window and the front actually opens to the platform/deck. It's all one room and has wide plank floors, some built in shelves and I can't wait to get in and get settled. I will be posting pictures for sure really soon! Well, I have a few things to do before we head out tomorrow so here hoping we find lots of treasure! Primitive blessings~ Tandra

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Waiting out the storm.

We are sitting here in central western Louisiana, waiting for Isaac. Having been through a few hurricane the waiting or the calm before the storm can be very unnerving. So far nothing other then wind but, I know it's coming. We are far enough inland that we think it will just be a tropical storm but, hurricanes are unpredictable. We are prepared but, not panicked. We are looking forward to some family time and could really use the rain. We are doing an event every month at the shop and the next one will be Saturday the 15th of September, we have a lot of vendors inside and out, guaranteed to be a great time so mark your calendar and come on by! Prim blessings~ Tandra

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Im still here!

Hello friends! It's been a busy summer and my kids are back in school unfortunately my daughter's college is 17 hours away... But, it gives me an excuse to go back to NC to visit. I have been really busy at the shop, I enjoy helping JaNae out and work two days a week. We are having our Open House this Saturday rain or shine, we are praying for sun but, either way we'll be there. I have been lucky lately and have found a few really neat things and despite the 100 degree weather I am getting some fall items in.So come on in and say hi and see all the new treasures! Primitive blessings~ Tandra

Friday, July 13, 2012

Whatever blows your skirt up!

We are having an event at My Favorite Things, it is sure to be a blast with a fun group of women. We are calling it "Whatever blows your skirt up!" We will have a few vendors like; It Works!, Pampered Chef, Stampin' Up!, and Jewelry. I will also be offering 20% discount on my booth. So join us July 17th at My Favorite Things (102 E. Texas St. Leesville) from 5:30-whenever! Hope to see you there. Primitive blessings~ Tandra

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Oh what a beautiful morning...Oh what beautiful day! It's actually raining in Western Louisiana and looks like it will continue the rest of the week. Call me crazy but,I really enjoy it and we really need it! Fortunately I don't melt, so I am thinking about venturing out and doing some shopping. I hope all of you have a wonderful day and hopefully you are staying cool and dry! Primitive blessings~ Tandra

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy birthday America!

Happy 4th of July! We are blessed and will be spending the evening with great family and friends. We are having a block party. The kids will play in the water, we will eat great food and have a few drinks and watch the fireworks from our yard. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July! Prim blessings~ Tandra

Friday, May 11, 2012

Exciting news!

I have exciting news… (insert drum roll here) I will be working at My Favorite Things of Leesville on Thursday's and filling in if JaNae or Roxanne need me too. Make sure if you haven't gone to MFT Facebook page you head over right now and like it. . This will be great for me, it's been such a void since moving and not working at my shop, I have really missed it and all my friends. So make sure if you are out and about on Thursday's you come by and say "HELLO" Primitive blessings~ Tandra

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a week end!

The craft fair was awesome and I have another one around the corner, they are fun and I really enjoy talking and meeting new people. I just hope I can tolerate the heat for the next one! These two fair that I have schedules, I made a ton of Americana wreaths and stuff and I finally this morning got my house back to normal. That's the worst part for me is the chaos of not having room for everything and everything being piled up in my dining room but, I am ready for the next one and I don't have much to do for it since I made so much stuff. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Primitive blessings~ Tandra

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cajon Fest

Well, this weekend (April 14) is Cajon Fest on Fort Polk, I will be set up at the Warrior Center. I have been a busy little bee working on things so make sure you come by and say HELLO. I will also be set up downtown Leesville for May Fest and that will be May 4 & 5. I hope to see ya!

Primitive blessings~ Tandra

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long time no blog!

Hello friends, I am settled into my booth at My Favorite Things in Leesville, LA. The shop consist of local artists and crafters and a great environment for my stuff. I am lucky enough to be virtually the ONLY primitive shop around BUT, with being said it is also harder to find great stuff. I really love the thrill of the hunt and don't mind traveling and have been doing a lot of exploring. I am heading to TX on Friday and am tickled RUST (you know you love Prims when you are tickled rust vs. pink!) Here's some pictures of my booth, I hope you enjoy them!

Primitive blessings~ Tandra

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sad day at Prim & Proper!

Oh it's a sad, sad day… Toni just let me know that our beloved Miss Norma passed away, she was a permanent fixture and anyone that would hang around and chit chat on Saturday after noons had met Miss Norma. She was way more than a customer she was our friend and will be missed dearly and we are eternally thankful for her unconditional love and support! WE LOVE YOU MISS. NORMA!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am still alive!

Well, we made it to Fort Polk, LA and we are settling in. We have had some challenges the house we are in is MUCH smaller than the one we have in NC plus the one car garage is full of my stuff from the shop. I did go out yesterday and looked through boxes and made a huge pile for my new booth at My Favorite Things, in Leesville. I did put some stuff in on Monday but, Dana and will head up today and get it filled. I will post pictures soon!

Primitive blessings~ Tandra

Bird house

Bird house

Old tins

Old tins





How to grubby paper or coffe stain

You can use any kinds of paper, candstock, printer paper.
I like printer paper, it's easier to use in the printer than cardstock.
1. Pre heat oven to 200 and line both racks with crinkled tinfoil
2.Take a rectangle cake pan and put a little bit of water, it doesn't have to cover the whole pan.
3. sprinkle instant coffee down, now spay the coffee with a water bottle to moisten the coffee, leaving some areas wetter then others.
4.Dip one side of the paper then the next and put into oven to dry. You can flip paper in the oven to make sure it has dryed.
5. if you will be printing on the paper you might have to iron it, set iron on the lowest setting and iron one side then the next.
6.Now you can print on the paper or stamp and not worry about coffee staining running the ink

Grubby candles

This project can be messy, when I do this i do a large amount at a time. I have read tutorials about this and have found the easiest way for me. I buy cheap candles, at the dollar store or walmart you can also grubby up other things I have done old fashioned clothes pins and made bowl fillers with and added old buttons.
1. You'll need wax, I use left over tarts or candles or i buy the cheap candles at AC Moore, I use the spicey ones like cinnabon or banana nut bread. When they are on sale you can get a large candle for a few bucks.
2. Create a double boiler with a small pot with water boiling and put glass canle in boiling water and once it melts, I also sometimes use and old coffee can.
3.Create a work area with parchement or wax paper close to stove. You'll need an area to put the candles to set up on paper or parchment.
4. Remove wax and dip candle into the melted wax a few times to get it soft.
5.Sprinkle cinnamon,(I do this on a paper plate so I can reuse the cinnamon) and dip it into the wax holding the wick or use a paint brush. Repeat until lumppy and bumpy.
6.Sprinkle with cinnamon and let dry.

Cinnamon bowl fillers

I love cinnamon bowl fillers or ornaments. They are cheap to do and people really love them.This can be a messy project and when I make this I make a lot( Like 3 cups of each.)
1.Mix equal parts cinnamon to equal parts apple sauce.
2.Roll dough out onto parch ment paper to desired thickness.
3.Cut out with cookie cutters.( I have a crow and a star that's really cute)
4. Lay out on parchment or wax paper and let dry, you can also speed up the process by baking at 200 but, this can take a while.
5.Optional you can sprinkle with cinnamon while wet.
6. If you are going to make ornaments you'll have to put a hole in them while they are wet, I use a straw and add twine once it has dried.
They are cute as bowl fillers or with potpouri or as ornaments. You can use any smell good spice like pumkin.

Coffee stain fabric

I really like my projects to look really prim or grubby so I like to use instant coffee for my projects.
1. Wet fabric.
2. Remove as much water as possible.
3. Lay flat, do this outside if possible, it's messy. and spinkle with instant coffee, do it heavier in areas you want darker, Spay water with a water bottle to moisten coffee.
4. Let dry in the sun.
5. Rinse out or leave it depending on prefrence.
6. you can also put in the dryer to try and heat set it, I usually only do this if by chance someone might wash it. But, most of my projects aren't to be washed.