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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My last post was a little whiny about how hot and humid the weather has been and it's still hot and humid but, we have been incredibly busy and I really can't complain about that at all. We are so grateful that people are spending money and buying for their homes. I love it when we sell so much that it forces us to rearrange the shop and how, I got off so easy, I just don't know! Toni has spent the past two days moving furniture and tweaking BUT, she's so good at it, I just couldn't come in and mess with her MOJO! She's the BEST! Here are a few pictures of what she's been doing the past two days.

Primitive blessings~ Toni & Tandra


  1. Glad to hear sales are doing great. With the price of gas and all that it is a little scary about what people will be spending their money on.
    Everyone loves a little pretties for their home though.

  2. Everything looks wonderful! I wouldn't change a thing! It's been hot and humid here too, hard to get things done outside. Hope it cools down a little soon.
    Prim Blessings

  3. Thanks Kat, I do think people are staying closer to home and spending more time on projects around the house.

  4. Robin, I know what you mean, if I don't get my yard in order and flowerbeds done in the spring then it's gets to be so hard because of the heat. I am a southern transplant and can't get used to the heat!

  5. Ho wonderful your sales are going good...I think people were too busy a few weeks ago with thoughts of getting their yards done and getting kiddos ready to finish school and the graduations.
    Now they are ready to add all those little treasures to their homes for summer and probably even the Patriotic things too.

    Glad you had to re-arrange!


  6. Thanks Karen, We really can't call it work when it's so much fun. Have a wonderful day!


Bird house

Bird house

Old tins

Old tins





How to grubby paper or coffe stain

You can use any kinds of paper, candstock, printer paper.
I like printer paper, it's easier to use in the printer than cardstock.
1. Pre heat oven to 200 and line both racks with crinkled tinfoil
2.Take a rectangle cake pan and put a little bit of water, it doesn't have to cover the whole pan.
3. sprinkle instant coffee down, now spay the coffee with a water bottle to moisten the coffee, leaving some areas wetter then others.
4.Dip one side of the paper then the next and put into oven to dry. You can flip paper in the oven to make sure it has dryed.
5. if you will be printing on the paper you might have to iron it, set iron on the lowest setting and iron one side then the next.
6.Now you can print on the paper or stamp and not worry about coffee staining running the ink

Grubby candles

This project can be messy, when I do this i do a large amount at a time. I have read tutorials about this and have found the easiest way for me. I buy cheap candles, at the dollar store or walmart you can also grubby up other things I have done old fashioned clothes pins and made bowl fillers with and added old buttons.
1. You'll need wax, I use left over tarts or candles or i buy the cheap candles at AC Moore, I use the spicey ones like cinnabon or banana nut bread. When they are on sale you can get a large candle for a few bucks.
2. Create a double boiler with a small pot with water boiling and put glass canle in boiling water and once it melts, I also sometimes use and old coffee can.
3.Create a work area with parchement or wax paper close to stove. You'll need an area to put the candles to set up on paper or parchment.
4. Remove wax and dip candle into the melted wax a few times to get it soft.
5.Sprinkle cinnamon,(I do this on a paper plate so I can reuse the cinnamon) and dip it into the wax holding the wick or use a paint brush. Repeat until lumppy and bumpy.
6.Sprinkle with cinnamon and let dry.

Cinnamon bowl fillers

I love cinnamon bowl fillers or ornaments. They are cheap to do and people really love them.This can be a messy project and when I make this I make a lot( Like 3 cups of each.)
1.Mix equal parts cinnamon to equal parts apple sauce.
2.Roll dough out onto parch ment paper to desired thickness.
3.Cut out with cookie cutters.( I have a crow and a star that's really cute)
4. Lay out on parchment or wax paper and let dry, you can also speed up the process by baking at 200 but, this can take a while.
5.Optional you can sprinkle with cinnamon while wet.
6. If you are going to make ornaments you'll have to put a hole in them while they are wet, I use a straw and add twine once it has dried.
They are cute as bowl fillers or with potpouri or as ornaments. You can use any smell good spice like pumkin.

Coffee stain fabric

I really like my projects to look really prim or grubby so I like to use instant coffee for my projects.
1. Wet fabric.
2. Remove as much water as possible.
3. Lay flat, do this outside if possible, it's messy. and spinkle with instant coffee, do it heavier in areas you want darker, Spay water with a water bottle to moisten coffee.
4. Let dry in the sun.
5. Rinse out or leave it depending on prefrence.
6. you can also put in the dryer to try and heat set it, I usually only do this if by chance someone might wash it. But, most of my projects aren't to be washed.